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You would have guessed it: I like to look through the view finder and freeze these precious moments that would otherwise pass me by, in the hope to create an evocative visual story that I can share.

My passion for photography all started with my father’s old Minolta SRT100, which I used to be fascinated by when I was a kid. How could this funny-looking box steal pieces of real life and spit them out a few days later in the form of a small bit of paper? This deer that was just in front of me, in the French Pyrenees, a couple of weeks ago, was now lying in front of me on a coffee table, in Bordeaux... Impossible; Inexplicable! I had to find out how this had been possible. So I nagged and my dad finally gave in and reluctantly let me use this fantastic machine (who would blame him for not letting a kid play around with his precious camera!!!).

I could finally experience first-hand the thrill of winding the film and pressing the shutter and also the excitement -often followed by sheer disappointment, what a roller-coaster ride!- of opening, febrile, the envelope containing those stolen moments.

The teenage years passed by and my interest for photography, well, let's say that it took second place to more important stuff... But I grew out of it, as we do, and finally came face-to-face with this old yet shiny Minolta SRT200 in a dodgy dusty second-hand camera shop in Hialeah, Florida, U.S.A. I had to get it. So I did.

I spent the next few years trialling -and erring most of the time, but learnt a great deal, too, until I finally made the switch to the digital world. The transition to digital was not without its doubts, but in the end it proved the best decision and I am now a digital convert, as the post-processing possibilities are endless and the delivery is immediate. My first digital camera was a Canon EOS 350D, which I used for a few years and it allowed me to learn the digital ropes and produced some great quality pictures. Christmas 2009 came and with it the desire (more than the need!) to upgrade my kit. I consequently became the happy owner of a Canon EOS 7D (thanks, Santa!) and I’m so far impressed with its overall performance. The HD video doesn’t hurt! That’s for the material side of things.

Now, how would I define my style? I’m completely self-taught, as I did not want to get boxed in pre-digested aesthetic concepts. I just enjoy going out there, snapping away what attracts my eye (be warned, it might not be to everybody’s taste ;-)). I’d rather not embarrass myself too much with technical must-do headaches and post-processing burdens. I find that there is nothing quite like the simplicity, spontaneity and veracity of photojournalism and the raw emotions it conveys. This being said, a set decor of a studio shoot or the evocative and manipulated, more arty image, can certainly have their appeal, too. My preference goes to black and white photography, for the timeless aspect and genuine feel that cannot be found in colour photography.

In terms of "experience", I had started showcasing my work a few years back at local Arts & Crafts Markets around Yorkshire, England and this proved a great experience. I then took on a few commissions (corporate portraiture, social and sports event coverage) and started wedding and family photographing. Now that my day job has taken me to Luxembourg, I have started showcasing my work in local galleries. You may actually have seen me in one of my many appearances in the Konscht Am Gronn Open-Air Gallery in Luxembourg City's Grund throughout 2013 - 2014, as well as in Hettange-Grande's Reg'Art exposition (March 2014) or in the Bistrot de la Presse BIZ exposition (April - May 2014).

My next events will be:

- March 13th to 25th, 2015: BIZ Autopolis Volvo exposition, Bertrange, Luxembourg.
- May 2nd, 2015: KUKI arts & cultural festival, Kehlen, Luxembourg.
- June 7th, 2015: Konscht Am Gronn Open-Air Gallery, Luxembourg.

You can check out the News section of my website for the latest update on the above and any other upcoming events I will attend.

Following my success in local arts and crafts markets & galleries, I have now set up a home studio where I carry out commissioned portraiture:

But enough verbiage. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, so why not visit my Portfolio, which I hope tells a story you longed to hear.